4-8 September 2016
Peking University, Beijing, China
Asia/Shanghai timezone

Guidelines for Speakers

Presentation File Submission

Windows PC will be provided for oral presentations by the Conference Organizers, and Office for Mac can also be displayed on that PC. There are no provisions for speakers to use their own laptops during the presentation sessions.

All speakers should copy the file to a memory stick and bring it to the Registration/Information Desk at least one day before their presentation. There the Speaker can check the fidelity of their presentation on laptops identical to those being used in the meeting room, to ensure beforehand that their presentations will work correctly.

The Conference Secretary Daisy Yuan (oec238c@pku.edu.cn) should be contacted in advance of the conference with any special requirements concerning visual aids, including movies and/or audio.

Note: In addition to the presentation we require a PDF file of the presentation for inclusion on the conference webpage. Please notify the Conference Secretary if you do not want your slides published on ITMNR-8 webpage.

During the Presentation

The Volunteer near the stage or podium will help speakers with their presentations. Please contact that Volunteer just before the start of the session.

On the podium speakers will be presented with an LCD screen displaying their presentation, a powerful laser pointer and a simple remote to control the presentation.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Conference Secretary for further clarifications.