4-8 September 2016
Peking University, Beijing, China
Asia/Shanghai timezone

We have reserved rooms in the Zhongguanyuan Global Village of Peking University and the Beijing Friendship Hotel for participants at a conference rate. The deadline for reservation is July 8th, 2016. Since September is the peak season for tourism in Beijing, we kindly suggest all participants make hotel reservation in advance. Rooms may not be available after July 8th.

Note: The accommodation fee below is in terms of the rates in Chinese Yuan (CNY). You can pay it at the hotel by your credit card according to the exchange rate at that time.

        1. Zhongguanyuan Global Village, PKU

Zhongguanyuan Global Village is located to the east of Peking University campus. Since it takes about 10 minutes walking from the conference venue, it is the most convenient hotel.

Conference rate of Building No. 1 (4-star)

Standard Room (twin beds): CNY 568/night

Queen-size Bed Room: CNY 568/night


     Standard Room in Building No. 1                Queen-size Bed Room in Building No. 1


Conference rate of Building No. 9 (3-star)

Standard Room (twin beds): CNY 458/night

Queen-size Bed Room: CNY 388/night


   Standard Room in Building No. 9                   Queen-size Bed Room in Building No. 9

Breakfast and service charges are included in the rate. There are only a limited number of rooms reserved in this hotel. You can download the Zhongguanyuan Global Village Hotel Reservation Form, then fill and email it to oec238c@pku.edu.cn (Daisy Yuan). If you have any questions about accommodation in Zhongguanyuan Global Village, please contact oec238c@pku.edu.cn (Daisy Yuan).

Note: There is no deposit for this hotel, but the reservation becomes valid only after you finish your registration fee payment. The cancellation of a room reservation should be sent to us by email before August 19, 2016.

        2. Beijing Friendship Hotel

The Beijing Friendship Hotel is located about 3 km south of the east gate of Peking University. The fastest way from the Beijing Friendship Hotel to the conference venue is to take the Subway Line 4 from the Renmin University Station to the East Gate of Peking University Station and come out from the Exit D. The total time including walking is about 25 – 30 minutes.

Conference rate of Building No. 2 (4-star)

Standard Room (twin beds): CNY 530/night

Conference rate of Building No. 4 (4-star)

Standard Room (twin beds): CNY 590/night



Single breakfast and service charges are included in the rate. The additional breakfast would cost CNY 50/person. You can download the Beijing Friendship Hotel Reservation Form, then fill in and email it to the hotel directly. The hotel staff will contact you for further information. For more details about the Beijing Friendship Hotel, you may contact them directly.